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How does it work?

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You can connect to the child's phone and listen to the surroundings live for up to 5 minutes. If you want to continue listening, you need to start a new session by reconnecting. There is also an option to make a recording and listen to it later

The microphone feature does not work, how to fix it?

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1. Make sure the device you are trying to listen to is connected to the internet
2. Permission to access the microphone hasn't been enabled on the Child's device, or it has been manually canceled. Make sure the child gave access to a microphone

On which devices does it work?

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The remote microphone listening and recording feature works only on Android devices. You can't use to to listen in on iPhones

What happens after the purchase?

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Once your payment is confirmed, you will get full access to all the features. If any of the features are still unavailable or don't function properly, please report to [email protected]

How many devices can I connect?

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You can connect up to 10 devices for listening per one account