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  • Panic Button

    This feature helps you to know if your kid is in distress, uncomfortable and wants you to come get them in emergencies or accidents. Get their immediate location when panic mode is activated on your Kid’s device

  • Installed apps monitoring *

    It makes you know if child uses age-appropriate programs. mLite helps reveal any “dangerous” apps, which are not recommended for immature people or which you don’t want your kid to use.

  • Text messaging *

    You get to see the text messages on your kid’s device – the text content, time and date and the number sent to or received from.

  • Geofencing and location

    You get alerted via email when you kid enters leaves a designated area you set for them at a particular time. Helping you know the exact location you kid is at every point in time.

  • Call logs monitoring *

    Know who your children call and receive calls from, preventing unwanted behavior. In addition, you have a possibility to determine how much time they spend talking and when.

  • Contact list

    Knowing your kids friends is a major thing in parenting. mLite let you know who is on the contact list of your kid, knowing who they added to it recently also.

* Available for Android only Child devices
Before you get started with mLite

  • Being visible on both devices, mLite helps you build mutual trust. No spying, only thoughtful parental control
  • mLite is a battery friendly app. Take control of logs frequency on your mControl Panel
  • Extremely handy in emergencies. Make your Kid’s phone a panic alarm for the case of need

Monitoring your kids’ mobile devices may prove insufficient when it comes to kids bringing up. It is essential to teach your kids major mobile safety issues and discuss mobile phone usage dangers on a regular basis. Talk to your kids and engage with them online.


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