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Tracking your child

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What's happening around your loved ones? Listen and record remotely at any time

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Recordings made with mLite

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Why surroundings recording from mLite?

  • recording quality iconGood voice quality
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  • android logo iconAll Android devices
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Feedback from our users

Dawid Willson
June 1

It is super helpful! Just wanted to say thank you to the mLite app! I now I can be really patient about my children! If you're a parent you should definitely try this app!

Emily Jones
March 7

It's a great app that works stealthily on the target device. I can be at peace knowing what's my children upto in their social networks. The helpdesk is awesome with their clear instructions & prompt response even a amateur like myself was able to smoothly sail through the installation process

Sara Scofield
January 20

So far so good! Works for what I need it for with an Android at least. Alex Scott was very helpful with the installation and everything seems to be working fine! So far, I would recommend!

Marta N.
April 16

Helps me to stay alert at all times. Now I always know what my kids are up to when I’m away. Makes parenting so much easier.

Rick W.
April 27

Takes monitoring to a whole new level Even when I can’t check their phone activity myself, I can be sure that I’ll get alerted if anything happens

Melissa T.
June 5

Trustworthy monitoring solution. Keeps me updated on everything that’s happening on the device. Superb GPS tracking

mLite - many features, one app

Just because you can’t be there doesn’t mean you can’t find out what’s happening.

With the Surroundings Recording, it’s easy to listen in on them.

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